Unleash your inner Tarzan at Dubai’s new adventure park

Bringing a whole new meaning to hanging out, Aventura treetop adventure park has finally opened Dubai – and it’s awesome.

Kids of all ages (yes, we mean adults too) can literally swing through the trees in Mushrif Park, climb up a giant web, walk high up in the sky, zipline from one tree to the next, and so much more.

Aventura adventure park Dubai

Set in a a 35,000 square metre natural forest of native Ghaf trees, thrillseekers can choose from five levels of fun activities and challenges, aimed at different age and height groups (and levels of bravery).

If you’ve ever tried out the obstacle challenge at Adventure HQ – Times Square, this is a similar concept but only about a hundred times cooler. If you’re scared of heights, Aventura Parks is probably not for you, however we’d like to add that it is also very very safe.

Before we begin any of the challenges, an experienced instructor explains all the safety procedures in detail including how to hook your safety locks on and how to effectively communicate with other adventurers so nobody gets hurt.

A couple of trials later, we were off in to the wild – starting off with the kids challenges to get the hang of it, before moving on to the scarier-looking adult ones.

From zipling through the woods to climbing walls to surfing past trees to walking across wobbly logs of wood, every single one was more thrilling than the last.

Here are the different obstacle challenges available:

Rangers: This includes 19 fun obstacles, from 1.5 -2 meters high. Parents can walk along the circuit as their children tackle the obstacles and zig zag around the greenest part of the park. For children aged 6+ and above 1.15 metres.

Explorador: With 17 obstacles that are thrilling but not too difficult at 2-3 meters high, the circuit takes you through the park and around the forest. For the whole family. 

Aventura:  Offering 15 challenges at around 5 meters high, and includes the chance to take on longer and higher zip lines across a larger area of the park. For youngsters (over 1.40m) and adults.

Xtreme: The most daring circuit of them all, at 5-8 metres high, and includes Aventura’s famous 25-meter Tarzan Jump.

Thriller: The most unique circuit filled with exhilarating zip-lines, including the 160-meter long zip-line across the park. Not too challenging, but is 9 meters high in the forest and offers great views!

Hadi Fakhoury, co-founder and managing director, believes Spanish-brand Aventura is the perfect outdoor experience for both young and old, especially as it is open during Dubai’s cooler season.

He says: “What we want for UAE residents and tourists is exactly what we want for ourselves and our children.

“To reconnect with nature and truly enjoy what it has to offer, with fun and thrilling activities such as zip lining between trees, wall climbing and tree top surfing.

“This market is perfect for venues that offer outdoor activities, which are educational, entertaining and stimulating for the whole family.”

Aventura Park Dubai

Not just for big and little kids, organisers reckon Aventura is the perfect place for business types to blow off some steam and for students to learn more about the environment.

Co-founder Lina Malas adds: “We believe that experiencing nature is a basic human need, especially for youngsters who need persuasion to switch off their tablets, or adults who are looking for something to help them escape their daily routines.

“What better way is there to do that, than with a thrilling zip line through the Ghaf tree forest?”

Park guests can spend up to three hours on the circuits, but are welcome to spend all day in the park exploring, taking a leisurely nature walk or enjoying refreshments at the café.

Tickets start from AED 125 for kids under 1.4m, and AED 150 for adults. Sun-Thurs 9.30am-5pm, Fri and Sat 9.30am-6pm. Book online at aventuradubai.com 


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