This crazy new workout is done on a stand-up paddleboard

Working out under the early morning sun, on top of a stand-up paddleboard, with the ocean breeze in our hair – we can’t think of a better way to start off our day than with Sophie’s Super SUP Fit class.


A mix of pilates and yoga, Super SUP Fit is a workout designed by our instructor (who is also a professional dancer!) Sophie Malpass.

From planks to sun salutations, this one-hour class works our entire body, while testing our balance on the water – which isn’t easy!

Even though the SUP boards are weighted down with heavy coffee bags to make them sturdy, we still can’t stop wobbling.

As soon as Sophie puts her playlist on, we start off with some basic stretches and moves to get us warmed up, and once we’re a little more confident on the board, we move on to the more advanced moves.

But what we don’t realize is our body is working twice as hard, as we constantly try to stabilize ourselves on the paddle board.

Ten minutes in, with only slight movements and focusing on our core, we can already feel the burn.


The rest of the class is slightly challenging, however once we get the hang of it, we feel like pros – it’s surprising how much you can improve in just 60 minutes.

Finally, we finish off with a few minutes of relaxation – a much-needed recovery from the workout.

By the end of the class, we are proudly showing off our perfectly-balanced yoga poses to all the beach bums at Doubletree by Hilton’s beach, and even snap up some super cool pictures for our Insta feed.

Sophie recommends about six classes to become more confident, and to reach the full potential of the exercises.

Dubai is going to get really hot really soon, so we recommend making the most out of the great weather right now by trying out a Super SUP Fit class – it’s a great way to spend the morning with a few girlfriends, while of course – getting a nice tan.

The Super SUP Fit class with Sophie is held at Watercooled UAE, Double Tree Hilton JBR on Fridays and Saturdays. Email to book your spot!


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