This luxurious new gym even has its own protein bar

The Gym Business Bay

Let’s be honest, a creamy protein shake is the light at the end of our fitness tunnel. At The Gym, you don’t even need to shake up your own, which is great if it’s arms day.

The luxurious new workout spot in Business Bay has installed a protein bar where 11 customised blends are on sale to pep-up pre-workout, or help repair tired muscles. Sipping said shake can also be done in a classy way, on a comfortable sofa styled like the living room we wish we had.

But it’s not all about the downtime. Husband and wife duo Hud and Maxine dreamt up The Gym after their personal training business saw big results. The duo, who both worked in the fitness industry in South Africa, wanted a space where clients could train, relax and pick up essential nutrition tips.

So The Gym opened in November 2016 and now prides itself on being better, not necessarily bigger, than its peers. Attention to detail abounds, from a plethora of high-end L’Occitane beauty products in the ladies’ changing rooms, to good mirrors and low lighting as you wait for the lift (we’re sweaty and gross and we can’t deal with striplights, OK?).


After listening to our fitness concerns (brunches, taxis), Maxine takes us through two circuits of dynamic and challenging exercises using our own bodyweight and top-of-the-range gym equipment.

Next we tackle The Gym’s vast array of weight machines (65 in total – there’s one section just for legs, FYI), which are powered by plates rather than cables, for a truer gauge of whether you can even lift bro’.


We focus on arms, chest and shoulders and we’re pleasantly surprised to hear lower weights and excellent form are better than struggling through back-breaking repetitions, especially for us ladies.

After a much-needed cool down, The Muscle Bar ‘barman’ Jeff concocts a strawberry cheesecake protein shake, before we take full advantage of the five-star facilities.

The Gym. Vision Tower, Business Bay. 6am-10pm weekdays, 8am-8pm Friday/Saturday. Later during Ramadan (call ahead to check). Membership packages start from AED 1,300 a month, day passes AED 150. Personal training from AED 350 a session for members/AED 500 non-members. 04 442 6586.

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