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This trippy new workout experience lets you cycle to the future

Les Mills The Trip GFX

Below us the Gotham-esque city, above us red and blue spacecrafts weave in front of our wheels while James Brown belts out a classic. It’s a spin class, but not as we know it. The Trip is a fully immersive exercise experience like no other.

The Trip, by global exercise company Les Mills, is a virtual reality spin class that takes riders on one of 10 journeys (or trips) around futuristic worlds.

GFX in Business Bay is the first studio in the UAE to host The Trip. We love cycling, but standard spin classes uninspiring, so we went there to see the computer-generated journey could keep us in the saddle.

First noticeable difference (apart from the huge screens at the front of the studio) is that the instructor rides alongside you, rather than facing the class, so nothing distracts you from The Trip.

Under his instructions, for the next 40-minutes we pedal, sprint, climb and sweat through a futuristic land, zoom down golden tubes and leap off building, as we take episode four of The Trip – Metropolis – its high-rise buildings will make Dubai dwellers feel very at home!

Each ride has a specific soundtrack that ties its beats to the Tron-style visuals, and our workout starts with ‘All Right Now’ by Dezzy and the Moonshakes , takes in some James Brown and Major Lazer, then ends and ends with the anthemic ‘Can I Kick It?’ by a Tribe Called Quest.

Even if the music could drown out our super-confident leader, it’s easy to follow the visual clues as to when we should turn up the resistance and when we need to ease off as we follow the virtual track.

As we finally bike into the pixellated sunset, we feel a sense of satisfaction – a mix of post-workout burn and completing a new video game.

Each session of The Trip burns hundreds of calories, builds lean muscle and burns fat – all in just 40 minutes! Your first class is free and packages are available.

The Trip, GFX studio at Bay Avenue, Business Bay. Classes daily (apart from Fridays). Call to check timings: 04 425 5940





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