This new spin class in Dubai has the best soundtrack

Spin classes have become a huge trend in Dubai recently, with more and more studios trying to up their game.

From bikes that are immersed in water, to virtual reality classes that let you cycle through Tokyo’s busy streets – each studio has its own unique take on the concept.


So what is it that makes Motion stand out from the rest?

Well, besides for the awesome instructors, the Burj View classes, and the themed-music rides that make you want to get up and dance, Motion Cycling is a concept based on Soul Cycle in the US and all of its classes promise a full body workout.

We try out the Reggaeton class with Ivana, because who doesn’t love Latin music?

Similarly to a yoga studio, we can feel the zen energy in the dark room, lit up only by candles.

Our class kicks off, and Ivana gets us warmed up with resistance pedaling, coupled with some tricep dips.


Listening to popular hits by Shakira, Daddy Yankee and Enrique definitely has us pumped more than usual, as we try to keep up with cycling to the beat.

Throughout the class, both the resistance and the tempo only get higher, and we start mixing in more exercises like push ups, crunches and elbow dips.

Next up comes the hardest part – using our hand weights to work our upper body, while cycling of course.

We begin to give up about halfway through the class, but Ivana (who is always watching) spots us within seconds, runs over and pushes us to keep going.

Finally, we have a short cool down period – but even then, we must continue pedaling. And just when we think our class has come to an end, Ivana excitedly jumps back on her bike and gets us cycling as fast as we can for one final round.


The class is torture, but we mean it in the best way. Honestly, such a great full body workout. We left the class drenched, sweating from areas we didn’t even know was possible.

Soul Cycle is rated one of the best indoor cycling studios in the US, and Motion is the closest thing you will find to it in Dubai.

We really like that it’s a small and intimate class – there are only a few bikes, which lets the instructors focus on each of us, constantly pushing us not to give up. The motivational quotes and signs scattered throughout the studio do their part too.

The only setback is that some classes (especially Reggaeton) get booked up really fast, so you need to constantly keep checking the schedule online and try to book a spot almost a week in advance.


Need to know:

What: Reggaeton class

Where: Motion Cycling, 1804 – Oberoi Commercial Tower, Business Bay

When: Sundays, 6.45pm (check schedule for changes)

Cost: First class free, AED 120/class – packages available



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