You can work out for free at this new Dubai Marina gym

F45 Training offers 45-minute high intensity workouts designed to burn over 750 calories, plus there’s a free two-week trial!

Words: Chandini Guria

F45 trainers Estie and John

F45 trainers Estie and John

Originally from Australia, F45 Training has taken the world by storm, opening over 750 franchises across 26 countries, in just three years.

And after noticing the massive growth rate of our fitness community, the fitness studio has now opened its doors in Dubai.

Intrigued by their slogan ‘the 45-minute workout that will change your life’, we decide to give it a go and see what all the fuss is about.

Our first class is Foxtrot with trainer Estie Szoke.

F45 x 5th May (29 of 139)

After a quick warm up, Estie gives us a brief run through of what exercises we will be doing.

There are 12 different stations to go through, where we work for 45 seconds, rest for 15, work for another 20 seconds, and rest for 10. It may sound easy, but trust us – it’s not!

Luckily we don’t have to memorise the order of the exercises, as there’s a screen in each section demonstrating what we should be doing at each station.

From battle ropes and burpees to jump squats and jumping jacks, we work our butts off for 45-minutes straight – without even a second to rest.

F45 x 5th May (28 of 139)

We’re not as sore as we expected the next day, so we try out Friday’s class – Hollywood with John Karpathakis.

Very different from Foxtrot, this class focuses more on core and strength training rather than cardio (phew).

This time there are 27 stations, with 45 seconds on, 10 off. With all the lunges, box jumps, squats and high-knee running, our legs are shaking by the time we reach the last station.

Little do we know, we have to do it all over again for round two…

Luckily there are no classes on Saturday, because we need an entire day to rest after that.

F45 x 5th May (65 of 139)

After attending a few more sessions, we understand that every class is a circuit-style workout with multiple stations, combining resistance, strength and cardio training – all in one class.

However you won’t need to worry about it getting monotonous – with over 3,000 different exercises, members will never have to repeat the same workout twice.

Two weeks later, we finally understand what all the fuss is about and can’t wait to go back for more. F45 is a quick, fun, and effective workout with great trainers that constantly push you to your limits.

P.S. If you’re booking a Hollywood class, book one of the late morning or early afternoon sessions – there will be a live DJ spinning tunes to get you pumped up!

Sign up for your free two week trial here! F45 Training, Trident Grand Residences, Dubai Marina. For more info, call 050 180 0354, or visit


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