Just AED 50 to see these genuine football legends play


Did you collect football stickers in your youth (or, we promise we won’t tell if you don’t, adulthood)? The shiny ones are always the best aren’t they?

Words: Miles Buckeridge

Each of the players announced as appearing in the Premier Futsal finals, to be held here in Dubai this weekend, would have been ‘shinies’ in their own right and tickets to see them start from just AED 50.

Deco, Hernan Crespo, Paul Scholes, Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs and Michel Salgado

It sounds like a Fifa all star line up; a dream team of veteran football superstars. But instead of playing together, we face the thrilling prospect of seeing them take one another on as captains of rival teams.

There will be six five-a-side teams in the tournament, held at Al Was Stadium between the 26th September and the 1st October. Each of the teams is named after a city in India, the country behind the Premier Futsal sensation that has been gripping audiences since 2016.

Delhi Dragons will be captained by Ronaldinho

Bengaluru Royals will be captained by Paul Scholes 

Mumbai Warriors will be captained by Ryan Giggs  (potential clash of the Manchester UTD titans right there)

Chennai Singhams will be captained by Hernan Crespo 

Telugu Tigers will be captained by Deco (set up for a Chelsea grudge match possibly)

Kerala Cobras will be captained by Michel Salgado (a La Liga show down also on the cards)

Futsal is a sport closely related to football, founded way back in 1930. The matches last for 40 minutes and are split in to 10 minute quarters. It’s known for being a thrilling event for spectators and fans: because of the reduced size of the ball, and number of players on the field allowing players to show off entire repertoires of flair, skills and tricks.

This is a little clip of Ronaldhino doing just that…

Finals tickets are available from www.platinumlist.net and prices start at just AED 50


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