How Flip Out Dubai can kickstart your quest for fitness

Flip Out Dubai fitness class

 Take a break from your standard workout routine and kickstart your quest for fitness with ‘rebound exercise’.

A fancy term for what’s simply getting your cardio kick on a trampoline. Fans say it tones your muscles, while the high-intensity movements burn off calories and increase your cardiovascular abilities aka the fitness of your heart.

Catch on to this fun way to work out with Flip Fit at Flip Out Dubai. The trampoline park has more than 200 interconnected trampolines and 24 of them are given over to daily high intensity interval training classes (HIIT, for short).

Sessions starts with a thorough warm up of stretching and rolling movements to loosen up our stiff joints, before dance music is cranked up and the exercise begins. It’s very varied, with a lot of jumping, rolling and (naturally) bouncing, as well as other challenges such as push ups and squats on the trampolines, which are side-by-side as well as angled against the walls.

Basically, we’re constantly moving for the full 60 minutes and although the exercises are pretty simple (especially as our trainer Hesham breaks them down), the burn is pretty fiendish and our muscles are aching at the end of the session.

If you don’t suffer from motion sickness, Flip Out fitness definitely beats a session in the gym. Just remember to bring trainers or non-slip socks and be prepared to break a sweat – but there are showers on site!

6.30pm-7.30pm weekdays and 9am-10am weekends. Classes are AED 85 per session or AED 850 for a package of 12. Flip Out Dubai, Al Quoz 3. 600 567 568. Look for the massive graffiti style sign. Free parking is available.



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