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Is an Aquaspin workout as fun as it looks?

Fairmont The Palm_AquaSpin Landscape

Aquaspin, the new craze in the world of cardio fanatics, is a high intensity aqua exercise that is easy on the joints, burns calories and keeps you cool!

We’ve heard good things, but we’re still not sure what to expect as we head to Fairmont The Palm Jumeirah. This stunning hotel is conveniently situated at the trunk of The Palm so our car doesn’t get a workout driving all the way around the crescent.

Classes take place in the hotel health club and as expected from a five-star luxury hotel, the changing area is fully equipped with lockers, towels, hairdryers and all the toiletries we could wish for.

Aqua bicyles are parked in the hotel’s smaller pool, where they are almost fully submerged under the water with just the handle-bars sticking out, so there’s no danger of being disturbed by hotel guests. As it’s 7pm, we’re worried the water might by chilly, but it’s actually just right – too warm and we’d be more inclined to snooze!

Our instructor Aan explains the different phases he will guide us through. As the bikes have no gears it is up to us to work as hard as possible to fight against the water resistance. All phases consist of three speeds; resting, challenging and full power and each category lasts 20-30 seconds until we go to the next exercise.

Beside a lot of paddling on the bicycles, Aan mixes up the activities with scissor kicks whilst floating behind the bike, push-ups on the saddle and handle-bar for the biceps and triceps, crunches and mountain climber ab exercises, all focusing on different muscle groups to make sure of a full body work-out.

We really enjoy the variety of activities and the 45-minute session flies over. Best part is, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is because you are in control of the strength you apply. After a quick stretch the session is over and we can definitely feel the workout has had its effect on our whole body.

Dubai Week was a guest of the venue.

Fairmont The Palm. Members, hotel residents and guests: AED 50 per class. Everyone else, AED 75. For a full schedule and to book, contact 4 457 3330 or

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