Join a free day of beach workouts and watersports

beach volley City Beach

Staying fit is great for the mind and body, but can be tough on the wallet. However this workout day on one of Dubai’s beautiful beaches won’t cost a fil.

This Friday, Fitness in DXB is hosting an action-packed day of free watersports and beach games at City Beach (that’s the one next to Kite Beach).

Fitness In DXB has come together with Extreme Watersports and Kite N Surf  to host the day-long Sun and Sea Challenge on Friday, 27th April. Registration opens at 7.30am but sleepyheads can rock up any at at anytime throughout the day, with the last activity starting at 5.30pm.

Throughout the day there will be paddle-boarding, kayaking, scuba diving, yoga sessions, beach volleyball and tennis. For those who seriously want to sweat, get involved with two big beach bootcamps, led by instructors Jonny Young and Rob Donker.

As if all this wasn’t enough, there’s a chance to win prizes too, but remember, only losers rock up with no water or SPF. To find out more, visit Fitness In DXB’s Instagram page – @FitnessInDXB.

City Beach, Umm Suqeim. 7.30am-6pm, Friday, 27th April. 

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