Want to test out the new Tough Mudder obstacles?

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Are you a lean, mean fitness machine who’s looking for a challenge? du Tough Mudder wants to meet you.

Unforgiving assault course du Tough Mudder is searching for Chief Obstacle Testers (COT) to take on the course that’ll be punishing Dubai’s fitness fanatics for a third consecutive year on 7th-8th December.

They need five people, with none of your usual nine-to-five skillsets. Instead, they should have a – Jason Bourne-like attitude to problem solving; ability to put camaraderie and teamwork above all else; eagerness to overcome personal fears and challenges; mental resilience and good communication skills under pressure. On top of all that, you’re a good swimmer and who doesn’t mind being dunked in ice-cold baths, sinking in mud and receiving electric shocks.

The chosen team of COTs will go through a top-secret du Tough Mudder preview before the 10km, 28 obstacle race takes place at Dubai’s Hamdan Sports Complex. Testers will try new hurdles to join the Tough Mudder favourites The Block Ness Monster, Electroshock Therapy and Everest 2.0.

Organisers say the “once-in-a-lifetime challenge will test your physical and mental limits” and selfish desk-dwellers who only flex for the ‘Gram need not apply.

How to apply

Nominate yourself and your team mates on the du Tough Mudder’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages (@dutoughmudder) before 31st October. Use photos, videos and words to convince judges you’re the best choice and make sure your social profile is public – but if it’s not, you can send a direct message. 

du Tough Mudder. Friday 7th/Saturday 8th December, Hamdan Sports Complex. Register at www.toughmudder.ae. Tickets start from AED 342 

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