Review: A fitness glow up with Ultimate Performance

Ultimate Performance, gym, personal training, fitness

Before and after photos line a wall of the Ultimate Performance office. Some people have lost a lot of weight. Many have gained impressive amounts of muscles. They’re all smiling.

People come for different reasons, trainer and deputy general manager Chris Beavers tells us. Shock life events lead some into making themselves over, like Mark, who lost 15 kilos after major heart surgery. Others have less dramatic influences – their family are coming to visit and want to look good for when they arrive. Rachael, who dropped three dress sizes, now “feels like Wonder Woman.”

Whatever your reason for wanting a fitness glow-up, festive or other, UP’s intense training programme can take you there. The London born fitness concept can count Victoria’s Secret models, Bollywood stars and Olympic athletes among its clients.

The work doesn’t stop when you leave the gym the gym in DIFC either. Abs are made in your kitchen, with a healthy eating plan tailored to each client. Plus, Chris and the team are on hand when you need them most – even sending motivational messages when they suspect you might be hitting the biscuit barrel.

While a full body transformation can take from six to 12 weeks, our taster session is one hour, but what a solid hour it is. The bright and utilitarian gym is busy with clients, but there’s no mirror gazing or not a juice bar in sight. Everyone’s here to work and achieve results.

Ultimate Performance, gym, personal training, fitness

We switch between sets of easy-to-follow exercises using handweights and machines. Chris decides our legs are strong and adds more weight to our lunges. Form is closely monitored and encouragement is constant as we work from our biceps to our calves to our core.

Our final challenge is pushing a weighted sled up and down a red track that spans the width of the gym. We feel like our lungs are trying to escape through our nose and we’re pretty sure we don’t set any records, but the session is complete.

A quick shower in the basic and clean changing rooms and 40 minutes later, we’re deep asleep at home on the couch, where we stay for three hours.

With packages of 24 sessions from AED 10,080 for off-peak and AED 12,600 for busy times, UP isn’t the cheapest personal training in Dubai. But if you want to feature on a wall of frame, smiling and showing off rock-hard abs, they can get you there, and fast.

UP (Ultimate Performance), Emirates Financial Towers, DIFC. For more information, visit or email


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