The Smash Room introduces screaming meditation

Feeling the pressure at work? Kids pushing your buttons? Morning commute testing your last nerve? Computer continuously crashing? The Smash Room Dubai could have the solution.

The therapeutic effects of ‘screaming into the void’ hold a long-affirmed place in alternative wellness practices. As does smashing stuff with a massive hammer.

Enter The Smash Room in Al Quoz, which has developed a concept that combines these two ancient principles of stress relief; Screaming Meditation. The very first session will take place on 14th September between 8pm and 10pm, costing AED 187.

These healing collectives will be led by Bianca Devananda – energy healer, and transformational life coach. Screaming yogis will be able to work through their pent-up stress, anxiety or rage against machines in a healthy and safe environment.

According to Ibrahim Abudyak, co-founder of The Smash Room: “over 80 per cent of the UAE residents feel stressed.” This opportunity to channel cosmic vibrations into obliterating DVD players is limited to 20 people, so early registration is essential.

Call 058 198 2323 to book in now. The great news is, if you’re unable to get a spot at this first Screaming Meditation session, you can enjoy a range of other smashing packages from just AED 99.

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