We worked out with Dubai’s ‘most expensive’ personal trainer

Symmetry Gym Dubai

Tucked away in Dubai’s Gold and Diamond Park is what’s reputedly the city’s most exclusive gym.

Symmetry Gym Dubai is a short walk from FAB Metro Station, but maybe you’re not using public transport if you can afford to work out here.

The muscle power behind it all is Amir Siddiqui, who brought his own training methodology to Dubai in 2011, and has been whipping its residents into shape ever since.

Amir says he’s typically clients’ first or last resort to a healthier life and there’s also a mix of new mums, bodybuilding enthusiasts and people looking to kickstart kilo loss.

The straight-talking New Yorker promises results for all of the above, in return for hard work and dedication to his “secret sauce” Fission Fusion Training System.

We’re here for a one-off training session, but dedicated members work through this system almost every day and there are several being put through their paces when we arrive.

Spoiler – sign up and you’re not paying for hot tubs in the changing rooms or a limo service (we arrive by Metro anyway). Amir’s 15 years of study and training is what keeps people coming back. We see this in practice as he carries out an assessment when we’re grilled about how much we work out and any injuries we’re nursing.

Symmetry Gym Dubai

Then it’s off to the gym floor for a punishing series of exercise sets. It’s circled with reassuringly solid weight machines – no hi-tech gizmos here. As a newbie, we don’t even get near those. Instead, we tackle push-ups, squats and work on the TRX (a suspension training system where users work against their own body weight). A funky soundtrack powers us through the introductory session – thank you, Justin Timberlake – which is mercifully short, while our capabilities are assessed.

Amir reckons he can help clients drop six kilogrammes in six weeks and also works with expectant women and people recovering from injuries. All members get a tailor made training programme and nutritional advice and if you sign up for 12-months, there’s a money-back guarantee if you don’t see the results you want (terms and conditions apply, etc).

So what’s the cost? AED 8,947 buys a six-week plan, while a year of training comes in at AED 4,397 a month. All packages include a one-off ‘programme design fee’ of AED 2,250.

If you’re looking for Insta-inspiration levels of fluff or a luxurious gym experience, keep scrolling, but Amir’s years of study mean he can talk the talk and the next day, we’re struggling to walk the walk.

Symmetry Gym, Gold and Diamond Park, Al Quoz. For more information, visit: symmetrygymdubai.com

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