Kayla Itsines shares her Dubai fitness tips

She’s in town for the Dubai Active Show, but we managed to grab Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines for some tips on how to shift the infamous ‘Dubai stone.’

Dubai Week words by Ipshita Sharma 

Dubai Week: Do you have any tips for exercising in the heat?

Kayla Itsines: I do NOT know how you guys survive out here! High-intensity workouts were made for weather-controlled environments so I’d recommend sticking to indoors for those. Or if you do want to be outdoors; stay in the shade or workout near the beach where jumping into the ocean is a quick option for cooling off!

DW: How important are rest days?

KI: VERY. Sleep as well. That’s how your body recovers. Properly scheduled downtime is necessary for the body to rest and recharge. Avoid major training. Remember to still stretch and maybe take a walk. But the most important thing is to hydrate.

DW: How should we adjust for injuries?

KI: Train for the injury not over it. Stay away from high-intensity workouts. It also depends on what kind of injury you have. Don’t do anything without consulting a physiotherapist.

DW: Any advice for plus-size people?

KI: Everybody is different. Start with what makes you comfy. For those who are intimidated by gyms, do easy workouts at home. My BBG programme now has a course for complete beginners.

DW: Any advice for working parents as you are one yourself?

KI: Firstly, do not commit to something that is just not sustainable. Just treat this as one of your daily activities, make an appointment with yourself in a time that works for you and commit to it. It can also help to include the family in the activity. You don’t need to go to the gym to be active.

You can catch Kayla at the Dubai Active Show. AED 50, Saturday (10am-7pm) ticket, two-day tickets are AED 110, three-day tickets are AED 145. Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC). www.dubaiactiveshow.com 

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