Review: get in-spa-ired by a trip to Fairmont Dubai

As part of our quest to destress ahead of 2020, we visited The Spa at Fairmont Dubai – we walked away refreshed and impressed.

Words by Ipshita Sharma

Dubai’s electric-paced lifestyle often charms us into burning the candle at both ends. The combination of KPI smashing by day with washroom selfies and dancefloor tear-ups by night – can leave us feeling a little frazzled. Which is why we believe in the mantra of regular spa days, and the search for lotus-scented equilibrium.

The Fairmont Dubai on Shaikh Zayed Road is one of Dubai’s best-established properties, but one that’s not content with past glory. They are constantly reinventing themselves. Be it through innovative facilities and dining concepts (see Noire’s famous Dining in the Dark date night ), on-trend nightlife destinations or showcasing modish treatments at the spa. If you’re looking for something new, fun or indulgent in Dubai – it’s a pretty good place to start.

And if you’re quick, you can take advantage of The Spa’s current December promotion – 50 per cent off a ‘couples massage.’ Which means, technically bae 1 or bae 2 is getting their Zen-over for free. The joint aromatherapy massage takes place simultaneously in one room, so you can share the experience with your partner-in-sublime, whether they are family, friend or spouse.

BFFs of the same gender can follow up the massage with services like the sauna, footbaths, jacuzzi and showers together. It’s important to note that couples of mixed gender do have to go for those services separately. In this case, we suggest you head to the luxurious pool area.

We begin our road to bliss by filling out a survey, accompanied by a chilled fresh coconut for sipping. Then it’s off to the changing facilities, where we adorn ourselves in a majestic soft-fabric robe (which, we note, is plus-size friendly!).

Away to the couples massage room, and we find a large, soothing space. The masseurs, concerned simply with our enjoyment of the experience, tell us to let them know if there’s any discomfort or if we want them to stop. Before the session begins – we are encouraged to select aromatherapy massage oils, by scent and associated therapeutic benefits. Lavender for calming, jasmine for invigoration, sage for purifying, or frankincense for Christmas.

The hour dissolves into a pleasant-scented blur, after which we’re invited to visit the sauna and jacuzzi area which we took full advantage of. A couple of hours later, you can emerge from the blissful and perfumed cocoon with a newly-found zest for life.

The 50 per cent off couples massage deal at The Spa on the 9th floor of Fairmont SZR is available until at least the end of December (with possible extension). From AED 920 (AED 460 for half-price deal). Other services available. Reservation is required. 04 311 8800.

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