Win: AED 500 vouchers for dry cleaning with Champion (CLOSED)

Champion Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is one of those expenses we’re never ready for.

Luckily we’ve got two lots of AED 500 vouchers to give away for Champion Cleaners dry cleaning services – the perfect remedy for those emergencies garment stains.

Imagine the scene: pulling out that special black dress, or tuxedo for an anniversary night on the town, only to find your five-year-old has used the outfit as an impromptu canvas for their latest artwork ‘The Rainbow Ballet’. Disaster. This is no fairytale; we all have friends with kids that would do this (feel free to tag them on our Facebook page).

Winning one of today’s prizes of AED 500 should help make such an event stress free. Champion Cleaners offer premium services for dry cleaning, laundry and a leather spa which can breathe new life in to your old handbags and shoes. They do alterations of home, carpet and upholstery cleaning and pick up and from your home.

Thanks to all those that entered, please join us in congratulating our winner: Sanjeev George. 


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