Win: Two sparkling brunches at The Blacksmith Smokehouse (CLOSED)


Today’s prize is all about the finer things in life. We’re giving away a sparkling package for two at the carnivorous carnival that is The Blacksmith Smokehouse’s Alamo BBQ Brunch.

The dishes at the Alamo brunch are steeped in soulful southern flavour. Tex-Mex cross-border cowboy taste combinations brought to life by the venue’s totemic smoker, Ol’ Betty.

It’s a rootin’ tootin’ and worth commutin’ for. Each of the three courses is served directly to your table or from cooking stations, thankfully avoiding awkward confrontations with people that don’t ‘get buffets.’ Starters include Texas brisket nachos, lamb sliders and BBQ wings. But summon will power, the best is yet to come.

Inhale mains of beef sausage; smoked chicken; shrimp; burritos; indulgent sides of rice; beans; pico de gallo; salsa picante; smoked mushrooms; creamy avocado; fries; and the venue’s signature corn Hushpuppies. **fires off twin six-shooters in the air**

It’s an enthusiastically all-inclusive affair at The Blacksmith Smokehouse, Wyndham Dubai Marina. The Alamo BBQ Brunch runs from 1pm to 5pm. That’s four hours of unlimited food and your preferred drink package. It’s only AED 169 for soft drinks, AED 219 FOR HOUSE BEVERAGES, and AED 399 for sparkling.

Chef Orelle, the Blacksmith Smokehouse’s Pitmaster

Oh and we forget to mention dessert. If you have any space left in your digestive system – we challenge you to a duel. The Lone Star special will march straight up and kick those saloon swing doors in. It’s a Texas Ice Cream Sandwich – butter-grilled brioche layered with vanilla, lemon and cinnamon glaze. Shut up and get in our belly.

We’re always down to ‘risk-it-for-a-brisket’ – but there’s literally no peril involved.

Thanks to all those that entered, this competition has now closed. The winner was:

Marie De Leon

But if you literally cannot wait, and we absolutely would not blame you – you can get booking now on 04 407 8873.

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