Ailuromania Cat Café presses ‘paws’, but don’t worry, it will re-open

Ailuromania cat cafe

Dubai first-ever cat café has closed – but it certainly hasn’t used up all of its nine lives. Ailuromania promises to return to a new location as the cat’s whiskers.

Sisters Iman and Allaa Ahmed Al-Aulaqi started the business in April 2015 after a friend showed them photos of a cat café in Korea.

But after nearly two years in business, the emirate’s first cat café is to re-open at a new venue close to its original home in Jumeirah Beach Road.

Cat lovers fur was ruffled when the venue announced the temporary shut down on its Facebook page. But they were soon purring with delight when it was revealed there was more to the ‘tail’.

Ailuromania cat cafe

Iman asks followers to keep a cats eye on Ailuromania’s Instagram account, where more will be revealed, and, of course, we’ll tell you as soon as we know! We can confirm it will be “more colourful, more cat friendly and with the same kitty gang – and we may be adopting more kitties.”

Not paid a visit to Dubai’s cat café? We spent a glorious afternoon with gorgeous mix of breeds snuggled up around the café, choosing to sleep pretty much anywhere apart from their generously-sized double bunk bed.

First to wake up was ET the Sphynx, a mischievous little sprite in a pink jumper who purred and sneezed simultaneously (ET was being treated for a slight cold) while fussing round Iman, who happily refers herself as the cats’ mum.




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