Phenomenal pictures of the UAE by night

astrophotography Kevin Sebastian

An aspiring astrophotographer from Dubai captured these jaw-dropping shots on a recent photo walk.

Last month more than 100 lucky photographers joined an introduction to astrophotography at Al Shawqa dam in Ras Al Khaimah, where anyone who didn’t have their own gear was given top of the line Nikon cameras and lenses to shoot the sky and do some light painting experiments.

Kevin Sebastian 27, was among the shooters and shared these gorgeous snaps with us, which he explains were pretty tricky to capture.

astrophotography Kevin Sebastian

He says: “We aimed to shoot the night sky as since there’s no street lights and light pollution is minimal. However clouds weren’t on our side, so we quickly rallied to shoot whatever stars we could get, as the clouds do give the sky some dramatic flair.”

Kevin, a creative consultant who lives in Oud Metha, got into astrophotography after driving into the desert to read and realising how clear the stars were.

astrophotography Kevin Sebastian

Now he has plenty of tips for fellow stargazers: “Astrophotography requires a bit of skill, timing and luck. It’s recommended you use a DSLR with a wide aperture lens (I used a Nikon D810 and a f/2.8 24-70 mm lens) and a tripod, since you’re going to take a shot that lasts around 15-30 seconds.

“The longer you hold, the shutter the brighter your shot and better chance to get better stars. Editing was done in Adobe Lightroom and DeepSkyStacker.”

The shoot was the brainchild of the uber-talented Pradeep Mohan (@madrascala on Instagram) who’s an educator at camera company Nikon Middle East and Africa.

The ‘space walk’ was the first of many events happening this year and it’s also a great place to meet like minded creative people. Follow @madrascala on Instagram to find out when and where the next shoot will take place.



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