Fresh from the Vine – these UAE video makers will crack you up!

We love living in the UAE. But be honest now, sometimes it can feel like life here is comedy gold ripe for the parodying. Well, for these two it certainly is…

They are YDeez – creatives in Ras Al Khaimah who make some of the funniest and relatable videos and vines out there.

YDeez is the collective moniker that Denise Alexe and Yasmeen Howady go by. The young duo sends up their experiences as expat students in the UAE in their edgy online videos. What started off as just a class project to make videos and gain 800 followers, now has nearly 18,000 Facebook likes.

Within two months of first posting, the girls have become extremely popular amongst the Arab Vine community, notching up more than one million views.


Most of the content mines the thoughts, experiences, and lives of teens and uni students in the UAE. From ‘Mispronounced Arab names’ to ‘When your English game is weak’, every crazy video is likely to have you in stitches, irrespective of your age.

Next up, they’re setting their satirical sites on growing their YouTube community and have started making videos on different themes, while keeping the UAE spirit in mind. Check out ‘Random things in Dragon Mart’ or ‘What’s in the box?’. These are longer videos that they’ve just started making, along with the usual 6.5-second Vines.

Here’s another Vine to make your day happier:

If you haven’t already searched them out on Facebook, have a look and follow them now for a regular dose of laughter!

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