This man wants to change the way you listen to music

Shadi The Flip Side

As vinyl records see a resurgence world wide, music purists in Dubai have more limited options to sourcing their precious long players – until now.

This week creative lynchpin Alserkal Avenue welcomes Dubai’s new independent record store. The Flip Side is the long-term dream of Dubai-based DJ and Analog Room-residentShadi Megallaa.

It’s open now, so crate diggers and music heads have a safe space to feel the beats, which will include international and local labels.

Flip Side Dubai

As well as record shelves, space in the store will be dedicated to four listening stations. Aficionados say vinyl records sounds better and we can’t deny they’re a much cooler way to collect music than, say, a Spotify playlist.  

Founder Shadi Megallaa is a DJ and record producer who has a long-time love of vinyl.

He said: “(Dubai’s vinyl scene) is really growing really fast with everyday that passes. I thought I knew everyone in town that loves vinyl but everyday I’m proven wrong. It’s a beautiful thing to watch people meet and discuss music. That is exactly what I wanted to The Flip Side to do for people and it’s incredible to see it happening.”

So after two years in the making, The Flip Side opens with 400 new titles across all genres and plans for in-store shows with local music makers.

Here in Dubai, high street music stores have stocking records for the last few years and we even have a vinyl-centric night, Deep Crates Cartel.
Flip Side record shop

Is it going to be like High Fidelity? Or more Human Traffic? Either way, The Flip Side is open now.

Unit 71 in Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz. Opening hours during Ramadan are 5pm-10pm daily. Regular hours Monday-Thursday, 11am-9pm and Friday-Saturday 12pm-9pm.

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