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Dubai’s underground art scene is brought to life here

Blue Cave Photo

Photographer: Ahmed Nafie

With the stunning backdrop of the Burj Khalifa, the Blue Cave art factory is a not too shabby spot to showcase some of the city’s most colourful artists.

Words by: Maha Faruqi

We were so intrigued by the striking mix of patterns and brilliant colours, we knew we couldn’t let pass up an opportunity to find out more about who was behind them.

Speaking about the Blue Cave, founder Brazilian-born street artist Tarsila Schubert says: “it is a way to connect creatives in a physical space where they can collaborate, connect and strengthen Dubai culturally”.

Some of Dubai’s best artists share the space in the heart of Business Bay to create their art, invite in the public, and hold workshops and exhibitions. As well as Tarsila, Cholo Juan, Gary Yong aka Enforce One, Dozi Dreams, Matt Ryder, Ali Nafeh, Dina Saadi, Mennah Hafez, Noush Like Sploush, and Just One.

Blue Cave Photo

Artist Dina Saadi by her work at Blue Cave

So what is an art factory?

An art factory, Tarsila explains, “gives the opportunity for people to get closer to the artists and their space, to see where and how their art is made”. It’s an open, trusting environment, she adds.

Filipino Cholo Juan, a Blue Cave artist, says: “We want to deviate from being a traditional studio space. We want to create a platform that encourages organic work – work from the artists’ different roots.

“Part of Blue Cave’s mission is to embrace the art community. It’s a space for artists by artists,” explained Cholo. “It’s so important to have something like this in such a large, bustling city like Dubai.”

With a pool terrace and a busy workshops vibe inside, it really is a unique, organic space for creatives and art-lovers alike. Make sure you give them a visit and support these amazing artists from around the world!

Enter the Blue Cave at 701 Prime Tower, Business Bay. Open 11am-5pm weekdays.


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