Train your brain to be stronger, faster and smarter

What would you do if you could train your brain to think faster? Work harder? Or if you could up your IQ level, and improve your memory skills?

Can you imagine the possibilities…


Brain Abilitiez, a new brain training centre in JLT, believes that we can. Through a series of simple exercises, we can all train our brains to work to their full potential.

It’s no secret that if you exercise, your body performs better. So why do we focus so strongly on exercising our body, but not our brain?

The brain may not be considered as a muscle, but it certainly acts like one. If working out your body can make it stronger and perform better, the same can be done with the brain.

We decided give it a go, and with reports that enrolling into a 12-week program could improve your IQ score by 15 points, we had nothing to lose.


We must admit we were quite nervous to begin with. However, we were quickly put at ease by Shammi, the owner, who shared with us his extraordinary story about how brain training has helped him…

Shammi was diagnosed with autism at a young age and struggled with typical symptoms affiliated with the condition. He couldn’t hold eye contact and couldn’t sit still for long periods of time, until now. Through these daily brain exercises, Shammi managed to train his brain to overcome such elements.

The one-hour training session focuses on working selective attention, divided attention, working memory, processing speed and visual memory. We start off with a series of questions to determine which areas we need to work on.

As we sit there for an hour, engaging in the different brain exercises and tests, we realise we haven’t worked our brain this hard since university.

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 12.58.40 PM

We finish the session feeling alert, focused and ready to take on the world.

If this was the feeling after just one session, we’re convinced that training the brain consistently could certainly improve brain functioning on a daily basis.

Brain Abilitiez follows the BrainRx concept. Surveyed on 17,998 clients worldwide, people have tested higher in concentration, memory, reasoning, and processing speed among other key skills after completing the brain programs.

Need to know:

What: BTE (Brain Training Experience)

Where: Brain Abilitiez, 1106, The Dome Tower – Cluster N, JLT

Cost: AED 349 for a one-hour session

Contact: / 04 394 8883


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