Celebrate World Smile Day with six ways Dubai makes us grin year to year

There are hundreds of reasons Dubai gives us cause to grin on World Smile Day and all year round. These are some of our favourites.

smile happy

Looking forward to winter like…

Dubai beach Surf

Dubai’s incredible climate gives us access to sun soaked daylight hours all year round, which makes planning outdoor activities an absolute breeze and every weekend feels just like a holiday. Whether it’s May or December, you can always fire up the barbecue without threat of hail or rain-marinated chicken drumsticks.

Whilst the rest of the northern hemisphere cuddles under blankets as the year closes out, we’re still applying factor 50 and taking dips in our beautiful coastline. But of course we’re far too nice to rub it in by posting the evidence to Instagram, aren’t we?


The Smart Dubai Happiness Meter

Dubai happiness meter

Dubai’s government cares about our happiness. If you have visited and used any government services recently, such as the Metro system, have dealt with Dewa or spoken to the police, you will probably recognise these emoticon images.

They aren’t some fad digital trend, they’re a deliberate mechanism of Smart Dubai‘s campaign to enhance all modes of city living for all of it’s citizens and visitors.  With the feedback received, authorities can monitor where things are going right and where they can be improved and make adjustments accordingly.


The Ministry for Happiness

Happiness minister

What more evidence of a commitment to making life better do we need than the deliberate and invested creation of a Ministry of Happiness?  Since taking office in February 2016, Her Excellency Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, the Minister of State for Happiness in the UAE, has taken her role extremely seriously (although smiling throughout).

She doesn’t see her job as one that enforces an objective experience of happiness, more that she endeavors to create fertile soil for its organic growth. Empowering people through education, creating a strong and stable employment market and examining cultures across the world for their own secrets of happiness to see how they may be implemented at home.



no crime zero

In the mid-year Numbeo crime index for 2017, one of the most respected authorities on the statistic, Dubai was ranked 12th safest out of 334 cities in the world.

The only thing separating it from its current position and the top spot (occupied by its cousin, Abu Dhabi) – was its citizens’ concern for cyber crime. A concern that was addressed immediately and will hopefully see an end of year result that’s even higher still. Until then, the top 3.5 per cent will do nicely thank you.



Inclusive smiles

disabled access Kite Beach

Dubai works hard to make sure it looks after all of its citizens. Take, for example, the new policies for the empowerment of ‘determined people‘ outlined in May this year. Dubai Metro is already 100 per cent wheelchair accessible, the emirate’s coastline has miles of wheel-friendly board walk – which is also welcome news for parents with strollers.

Special provisions are also made across the city, on transport links, public amenities and in service centres for example, to ensure the safety and comfort of Dubai’s female population.



Smiling Royals

Dubai royals

As always, leading by example, take a look at Dubai’s Royal Family. No wonder we find ourselves doing it so often; smiling is a social mirror after all.

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