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The Louvre Abu Dhabi billboards take art on the road


Driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi can be pretty tedious, but how about a radio guided art tour to pep things up?

Marking UAE Innovation Month, Louvre Abu Dhabi has unveiled a first of its kind radio-guided highway art gallery showcasing some of the museum’s most treasured pieces.

Find out more about Louvre Abu Dhabi, and its 10 years in the making

Ten artworks and artefacts from the collection now feature at 10 kilometre intervals on huge billboards on the E11 Sheikh Zayed Road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Drivers tuned into Radio 1 FM (100.5 FM), Classic FM (91.6 FM) or Emarat FM (95.8 FM) will automatically hear a 30-second story about each piece as they’re a few metres away.

The audio snippets are written by Louvre Abu Dhabi curators and include a blurb on the first work by Leonardo da Vinci ever shown in the UAE.

Available for one month only, you can explore what Louvre Abu Dhabi has to offer on your daily commute before visiting the gallery in Saadiyat Island at a later date. We’ve been and it’s a must-see.

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