Six things to do while you’re stuck in #DubaiTraffic

Bored of being stuck in Dubai traffic? There’s no way out of it, unless you plan to invest in a flying car, but here are six fun (and productive) ways to keep you busy during your daily commute!

Traffic driving frustrated

We all know how dull being stuck in traffic can get, especially if you happen to be on the E11 at any time from 5pm-8pm. 

And as much as it’s tempting to reply to emails, texts and basically save the world from turning upside down, it is against the law to physically use your phone while driving.

So, we’ve come up with eight great ways to beat the traffic boredom – and all of them are hands-free!


Learn a new language

Car talk Radio CD Player

Audio books are possibly the easiest and cheapest way to start speaking a new language. If you’ve enrolled in a language course recently, this is a great time to work on your vocational skills.

Travelling soon? Now is a great time to learn the local dialect – even if you just pick up on popular words and phrases.

Check out Rosetta Stone or for audio books.


Discover new music

No, we’re not talking about the same five songs that repeatedly play on the radio every day. There are loads of music apps out there, with an infinite number of songs waiting to be heard.

The free Anghami app is the Middle East’s version of Spotify, and has a great selection of Arabic, Bollywood and Western tunes. Choose a genre, download your favourite songs long before you’re stuck in traffic, and just press play.

Find out more at



meditation eyes open

Now close your eyes, breathe and relax your body and soul… just kidding!! Please don’t close your eyes!

Did you know that simple, regulated deep breaths can help you calm your mind, de-stress and relax? Meditating has plenty of benefits including better focus, health, mood, etc. So breathe in and breathe out, it’s perfect after a hectic day of work.


Get your daily news fix


Have you ever listened to a podcast? Similar to an online radio stream, they’re massively popular all around the world, especially for busy people who need their updates on-the-go.

BBC Global News is pretty good, but if you’re looking for something more fun and friendly, listen to The Dukkan Show on soundcloud – Dubai’s very own weekly podcast.

Click here for BBC News, and here for The Dukkan Show



man measuring belly.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smart

You may not be able to get up and run (as much as we’d all love to), but there are still some ways to work out while seated in your car…

According to fitness experts, simply holding your tummy in is a workout on its own. It’s not a myth – apparently it helps strengthen your stomach muscles. Now we’re not saying this will give you a six-pack overnight, but it could get you one faster. P.S – the same applies for your booty.




Whether you’re the next Ariana Grande or you’re basically tone deaf, singing is always a good idea. Did you know that singing makes you a better singer? So if you can’t manage to hit a single note, this will benefit you the most!

Pick any song you know the lyrics to, and just keep singing. Here’s your chance to practice before you check it out one of Dubai’s many karaoke bars (where Ramadan timings may well apply – please call ahead before you go).


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