Ultimate guide of useful apps to make life a little bit easier

Here are the 37 life-changing smartphone apps that we just can’t get enough of. From health to news to food delivery, here’s what needs adding to your homescreen.

At the time of writing, all apps were free to download and available for iPhones and Androids.


An ‘appy life

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RockMyRun: Say no more to trying to match your workout pace to crappy music playing in the gym. RockMyRun works with the world’s best DJs to craft mixes and playlists that react to your body. So if you want to adjust the tempo of your favourite David Guetta track while doing a bench press then download this app ASAP.

7 Minute Workout: Working out doesn’t have to meet time out from your day. These simple workout sessions target areas of the body we’d probably all like to improve in less time than it takes to programme a treadmill. You don’t need equipment and there are so there’s no excuse for bailing out, because there are demonstrations of each move.

Clue: One for the women, this menstrual cycle and ovulation tracker app lets you keep a handy record of dates and symptoms.

Weightmonitor UAE: Suggests a meal plan according to your lifestyle and needs, offers its users unrestricted access to a dedicated personal nutritionist and tracks your calorie intake and outtake, so you can eat the right stuff and stay healthy. Just don’t switch it on during brunch.

TummyFish: Launched by Dubai Health Authority, this cute little fish encourages under sixes to drink water more regularly. Available in both English and Arabic, this perky Pisces rewards kids by allowing them to unlock games after crossing various obstacles.


On the move

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Wohjati: If you’re a frequent user of public transport, then this app is a must-have on your homescreen. It offers RTA’s journey-planner arm where you can view bus and Metro timetables, and look for updates in case of any disruptions on the network.

Keno: Between all the heat and frequent dust storms in Dubai, its hard to keep your car clean and not end up looking like something straight from the junkyard. Choose from a list of available services, fill in your car’s details and location and make the car wash come to you.

Careem: Get from A to B with fewer dramas using this UAE-based taxi hire service. Use the map or to type in the pick up place and get a fare estimation before you book.


Sort out your life

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Matic: Not only can you book professional housekeepers online at your convenience without any hassle or fuss, but Matic can match you with your favourite housekeeper within the first few visits!

ServiceMarket: Does your air-con require urgent servicing before it bails on you in this scorching heat? Got to fix that leaky pipe underneath the sink before it floods your house? This app will hook you up with 200 registered partners across 25 different services including electricians, plumbers, removal firms, cleaners and much more.

HomeCycle: All you need to do is collect recyclables and request a pick-up through the website or the app. HomeCycle will take care of the rest and make sure your recyclables find a second life.

Betterhelp: Talk with a licensed, professional therapist online at convenient, affordable rates, because everybody deserves the help they need to be happy.

mrUsta: Got a chore list longer than a rush-hour traffic jam? mrUsta is an open, online marketplace that allows customers to find quality service providers. Customers deal directly with no middlemen and receive offers based on their requirements, with no hassles.

Linkedin Job Search: Need a career upgrade? Linkedin Job Search gives you all the tools to easily find your dream job – or let it find you. You can do quick and easy job search based on title, location or keywords. 


Let’s eat

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Plotos: Whether you’re paleo, vegan, detoxing or wheat-free, log in and choose from healthy food, handpicked from Dubai’s top restaurants and delivered direct to your door.

Zomato: Browse restaurants near you, search for the cuisine you’re craving or get suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The order online feature lets you do it all without the chat and Zomato’s support is super helpful if things go awry.

Guzzle: Discover your city as Guzzle gives you hundreds of 2 for 1 offers on food, pool deals and brunches in the best of the best restaurants.


Stay informed

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Pocket: The simplest ways to save the things you want to find or read later like articles, recipes, videos and other items from app or web to your Pocket account for easy access later.

Flipboard: Whether you’re a news fanatic or simply want to get the headlines to stay updated, this is the app for you. After you download, you get the option to select the topics you’re most interested in, then the app creates magazines personalised to your tastes, so you can do all your reading about the world in one go.


Survive Dubai

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Carry App: Imagine having a personal assistant, without the need of making any phone calls. Delivering packages has never been easier, with a network of drivers available via GPS location and at your service with a touch of a button.

My Small Community: Are you new to Dubai and find it hard to get all the necessary information about your neighbourhood? A free and private social network for neighbours to share information about issues, events, school activities, professional recommendations, garage sales or even lost pets.

Dollarbird: Organise your finances instead of going broke! With this you can track and forecast your money by simply putting in events to your calendar to plan, so you don’t have too much month left before your payday.

Cam scanner: Handy for those oh-so-frequent moments when you need to supply documents to officialdom, download this app and scan docs into clear and sharp images/PDF to email or print.



Spend and save

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The Dubai Mall: Shopping at The Dubai Mall will no longer be a maze quest and it’ll be easier to navigate the largest mall in the world using wayfinding feature. All you have to do is input the store or restaurant and the app guides you straight there.

Shedd: Declutter your closet for trendy new outfits, give the clothes you don’t wear anymore a second life and make money from your unworn, duplicate or unwanted fashion. All you have to do is snap a picture and post it! You also can buy all kinds of high-end fashion including handbags, clothes, shoes – you name it.

Groupon: Looking to save some bucks and still enjoy the five-star service of Dubai? This app works as a middleman to offer you 40 to 60 per cent discount on your favourite restaurants, stores and services. All you have to do is buy an electronic coupon.

Tnerit: Feel angry when you spend your bucks on a shiny new gadget only to find that it wasn’t really worth the money? This is an online marketplace that offers you the chance to try-before-you-buy by renting everything from electronics to musical instruments to clothing.

Beam Wallet: Earn while you spend as you pay with your phone and get 30 per cent rewards back. Redeem rewards in dirhams, not loyalty points, at more than 3,000 stores.

XE currency converter: Have all the world’s currencies on your fingertips, live exchange rates and charts and rate alert to track your regulars.


App and chill

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Netflix: Since it came to Dubai, it has revolutionised the way we watch our movies and TV shows. Simply watch online or stream right into your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more. What’s your must-binge series?

Vent: Sometimes, it’s easier to express what you really feel to strangers. Connect with likeminded people making it easy to share feelings while making friends from people around the world.

Shazam: Has it ever happened to you that you’re in a restaurant or club and you hear an amazing song but don’t know the name? Shazam can find that song you hear but just can’t place – in seconds – even with background noise or voices.

Pinterest: Create your own boards and pin creative ideas, recipes, home decor, inspirational quotes, and lots more. 

Adobe Premiere Clip: Create fast and quality videos on your mobile phone that can also be easily shared. You can do simple editing, adding music, custom lighting and colour to enhance the appearance, and lots more.


Games at your fingertips

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Psych: When you’ve got your life sorted and are temporarily free from any to-do list, then download this game for some ridiculous trivia mania. It doesn’t really matter how good you are at general trivia; all you have to do is grab your craziest friends and answer some amusing, over-the-top questions to score points.

Words with Friends: Test your vocabulary when your travelling in the metro/bus or during your idle hours in this Scrabble-like crossword game.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic: A forever favourite on your Nintendo. Race across various zones as Sonic, the hedgehog. Collect rings and defeat enemies on your mission to save the world from Dr. Eggman.


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