16 Dubai summer memes that are way too relatable

With an average of 585 days of sunshine each year (shhh we did the research), Dubai certainly attracts its share of sun-seekers. But there are certain things only those of us that have experienced the full force of the Dubai summer can relate to…


1. When it starts hitting triple Fahrenheit digits before it gets to Easter.

2. You learn to read signs that the weather is changing, like when the water from the ‘cold tap’ comes out warmer than the ‘hot tap’

3. Air con saves lives. It also starts wars. 

4. Work life doesn’t include working on that tan… 


5. Unless you’re crew…

6. Every part of your car feels like it’s been made out of volcano.


7. Even the parts you have to touch to drive it…


8. Being made to dress in formalwear feels like inhumane treatment 



9. The rest of the world have no frame of reference…


10. Awww and is it humid where you are sweetie? Try 80 per cent at 45 degrees. 



11. You expect sympathy for the dictionary-definition of first world problems..



12. You falsely think your time spent in Dubai – makes you harder than the actual sun.


13. There’s a definite cut off point where it’s too hot for mosquitos. Where do they go? Do they just spontaneously combust mid air around May? 



14. And when the rain finally does come back – you’re sooo not ready for it


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