25 memes that prove we think about food all the time in Dubai

Dubai’s cosmopolitan make up means we have the luxury of a vibrant global cuisine scene, but as these memes demonstrate – it’s not all gravy.


Do u even shawarma tho bro?


We now pronounce that shawarma = life.


Shawarma won’t leave you and run off with your best friend. Although the fries might.


The scent is formidable.


You can tell a lot about a person from whether they opt-in or opt-out on pickles.


Brunch is kind of a big deal here too.


Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear serving aprons.


And every expat has experienced ‘that’ laban moment.


Eating out should be the easy option though right?





Even if it’s not always the most budget-conscious option.


And in certain seasons you might find your meal gate-crashed.


Then there’s ‘the Dubai stone.’


We’ll start the diet on Sunday. The diet:


Keto to the rescue.


We have regional delicacies.


Some more controversial than others.


We like our food, like we like our memes – super spicy.


We go through fads and trends.


The gold one is persistent though…



Ordering in can involve way more steps than you’d expect.


And when you go home – the scenes in the grocery store can be shocking.


But know that we will never give in to the tyranny of pineapple on pizza.


Or indeed ketchup

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