How to have a spring break to remember

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Can you hear that? The sound of teachers smiling with joy and parents quietly despairing. School holidays can be a hectic time, but stress no longer, as we have plenty of ideas on how to boss spring break on a budget.

The weather’s getting warmer and soon, children will be out of school for a few weeks – aka the spring break. Busy parents are asking the same question – how to keep the kids entertained (and maybe even learning a little) over the break. We have a some ideas to give your kids a spring break to remember:

Explore nature

This is the time of the year when the weather is just right to go outdoors. Make your children appreciate Mother Nature with some outdoor activities. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, play games outside and go camping in your backyard or run to the nearest park and spend time tagging each other. Gadgets are banned – just enjoy each other’s company.

Plan a quick trip

No time or money to abroad and explore another country? But this is a perfect time to jump in car, go on a quick road trip and visit nearby destinations. Involve your children in the planning process by asking them to list down nearby places they want to visit. Make it even more exciting by doing activities the whole family has not done together – biking along a trail or walking along a coast so can explore and bond together.

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Enjoy a movie marathon

There are times when you just want to stay in and relax. Convert your living room into a cinema– complete with pillows, bean bags and extra blankets to make everyone feel cozy. Dedicate one corner to movie treats of popcorn, hotdogs, plus candies, chocolates and chips. Don’t forget the most important part – the movies! Create a list of everyone’s favourites, close the curtains and enjoy!

Be creative

Unleash your kids creative side by doing arts and crafts activities. Bring out the coloured markers, paper, glitter and paint, or for less messy fun, why not try drawing or photography? If you have more than one kid, make it a fun contest.

Join a spring camp

You can’t take time off work and can afford to spend on the kiddoes? Dubai has a spring camp for every child’s interest. You’ll find programs focused on theatre, dance, music, sports, creative arts, cooking and many more, so they can discover new hobbies or passions. Find camps galore at

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