Dreams come true with Stuff the Bus

Stuff the Bus Ramadan 2018

Not content with ferrying kids around for their educations, School Transport Services (STS) has dished out some life-changing gifts to lucky children.

The kind-hearted transport firm held an iftar for families and friends of the Special Family Support Group (SFS) where they gifted hearing aids, wheelchairs and leg braces to the youngsters.

As part of its ongoing ‘Stuff the Bus’ campaign, STS sent colleagues to meet with members of the support group to find out what equipment would make a difference to their lives. The drive launched last year to support less privileged students during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Gulshan Kavarana, founder of SFS, thanked Steve Burnell, Managing Director of STS, and his team. “We thank you so much for spending time with our families, listening to our stories and making them feel heard – this was really special and we know that the children and the families lives will be enhanced by the essential gifts given today,” he added.

Mr Burnell added: “Community celebrations and support are extremely important to us. We all need to stop and listen and understand how small changes can have such a significant impact to others. We are delighted that we can be part of making life easier for the parents and children with SFS Group.”


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