Dubai’s school buses should be safer than ever and here’s why

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As kids go back to their studies after the long summer break, many parents are planning out the journey to and from school. Good news – those ubiquitous yellow buses are getting a safety upgrade.

The new academic year starts with the Roads and Transport Authority’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) ready to run a school transport service that’s bigger and smarter than ever.

This term a raft of new safety measures have been introduced to the 368 buses will lift about 8,800 students to and from 17 schools.

Smart app DTC School Bus allows parents to track their children’s journey from and to the school. A GPS satellite system sends notifications to their mobile phones about the time children board or alight from buses in their shuttle between schools and homes.

Another key safety feature to prevent children from being left on school buses has been added to the fleet. The engine switch off button is now behind seats at the back of the bus, so drivers have to walk through the vehicle and check all the students have left.

Each bus is also equipped with surveillance cameras connected to monitors at DTC’s Control Centre.

Dubai’s school transport service launched in the academic year 2015-2016 with 117 buses to serve eight schools. This has grown to 368 buses serving 17 schools in 2017-2018. Annual inspections of the environmentally friendly buses make sure their operators comply with DTC rules. This includes the licensing of drivers and supervisors.

Download the DTC School Bus App from iTunes or Google Play Store. For more information, contact DTC Customers Service Centre on 800 88088. 

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