Ready to have your brain bamboozled at the new Museum of Illusions?

Museum of Illusions, Al Seef, things to do in Dubai

Consider yourself people of the world – cynical, jaded and seen it all? Prepare to be stumped by the crazy exhibits in the newly opened Museum of Illusions.

Words by Ipshita Sharma

This international brand is known the world over for installations that play with your mind and the Dubai chapter is no less. Chatting with Dr Mohammed Al Wahaibi, the owner of the museum, we realise that this collection of fun mindbenders is also an educational place to take your family.

He says: “Visitors can learn a lot about vision, perception, the human brain and science through bespoke exhibits that highlight how and why our eyes see things that our brain does not understand.”

Right now more than 80 exhibits in the 450-metre-square space will help you do just that. Divided into three categories – Master Illusions, Grand Illusions and Optical Illusions – they are all completely interactive, with a playroom for younger visitors. There are plenty of puzzles lying around too and when we visit, a magician is also adding to the sense of wonder. Exhibits will also be updated too, so that there’s always something fun to look forward to.

Museum of Illusions, Al Seef, things to do in Dubai

The highlight for us is The Vortex Tunnel – a stationary wooden bridge that does a great impression of being able to throw you off because of the rotating tunnel around it. Bring along your kids for a scream! Also fun were the full-sized illusion rooms, especially The Infinity Room, where we chase down endless corridors like a bad dream. The size-distorting Ames Room makes us grow and shrink like Alice in Wonderland – no ‘eat me’ cake required.

Need to know – while visitors can take as many photographs and selfies as they like, but when we try to photograph a visual illusion, we realise the camera doesn’t get tricked the same way the eye does!

Once your brain is done being boggled, take a wander along the recently opened Al Seef promenade. Modelled on the Old Dubai surrounding it, the 1.8 kilometre stretch has plenty of options for refreshments, like Dubai’s first pharaonic restaurant.

Museum of Illusions, Al Seef. Sunday-Wednesday, 10am-10pm; Thursday-Saturday, 10am-12am. AED 80 for adults, AED 60 children (five to 15), AED 225 families (two adults, two children).


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