DISCOVER DXB: Doing VIP cinema – Novo Cinemas 7 Star, Ibn Battuta Mall

7 Star Novo Cinema

Luxury cinema is Dubai is a pretty big thing and upscale film watching is available at many of the emirate’s multiplexes – including Novo.

Novo Cinemas’ 7 Star is one of the newest, having opened in April, so how does it measure up?

It gets off to an extremely VIP start, as it even has its own private door with security guard – or you can come through the cinema’s main entrance in the mall’s China Court.

Either way, once you’ve passed the velvet rope, you get to wait in a elegant space reminiscent of a well-manicured and wood-lined hotel lobby.

Novo Cinema

No queuing with the masses to order your over-sized soda either. Instead, we’re presented with a mini iPad and browse through options ranging from traditional cinema snacks to healthier bites.

We go for both ends of the spectrum – edamame beans, sweetcorn, nachos, a platter of mini sandwiches and a quinoa salad, because calories consumed in the cinema don’t count.

The quinoa salad isn’t available, so we switch to a southwest instead.

Food prices are reasonable – our binge totals AED 147, but individual dishes mostly come in at around the AED 35 mark.

Inside the cinema, we relax into bright red La-Z-Boy-style chairs. We’ve got the cinema to ourselves, so make the most of trying out the seats’ control panels to recline as far back as possible.


Our haul of food arrives in batches, to ensure there’s elbow room on our rotatable tray and we’re encouraged to order more from another iPad in our arm rests if we get hungry.

Fat chance of getting peckish, as we spread out our snacks and graze, but we wonder if a stream of food deliveries would be tiresome if the screening was busy.

Novo Cinema

Kitted out with pillows and blankets, it’s like a grown-up sleepover, as we fill up on food and snuggle down for the film.

Prices are all grown up though – AED 150 each, compared to AED 35 for standard tickets and only selected films are shown.




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