Milk and almond treatment at Sugar Beauty Lounge

With all the windy storms, temperatures dropping below 19°C, and even snow up North, the UAE has just started experiencing what true winter feels like.

But as much as us Dubaians love the weather, the cold can also wreak havoc on our hair and skin… That’s where Sugar Beauty Lounge comes to the rescue – with it’s moisturising milk and almond treatment.

Sugar Beauty Lounge MOE interior

The experts’ number one advice is to always moisturise, and almond oil is widely known to be a powerhouse for nourishing dry scalp and skin. Apart from its anti-inflammatory properties, this natural oil can also protect us against UV rays and it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

We’re sold after hearing all the benefits of almond oil, and since we’re already feeling the bite of the cold, we head to the Sugar Beauty Lounge at Mall of the Emirates to try their signature milk and almond treatment – which promises 60-minutes of ultimate reinvigoration and hydration for tired hands and feet, plus a mani-pedi.

16667443_10155513233820656_198703176_oOur nail technicians, Emily and Aina, present us with four little glasses of sweet-smelling mixtures, good enough to eat. In fact, if they didn’t tell us these were the CND Almond Spamanicure products used for the treatment, we probably would have tasted it.

The treatment starts with a milky almond soak for the hands and feet, to soften the cuticles. Then it’s time for a good scrub. Using a blend of mineral salts, refined sugar, jojoba soft beads and almond oil, they thoroughly buff the arms and legs.

Aina pays good attention to the feet and explains that this treatment is a great remedy for cracked heels and achy soles. At this point, we can’t stop sniffing the almond scent around us and enjoying the smooth massage strokes being applied.

After a quick clean up, they slather the illuminating masque packed with Vitamin E, which reduces sun damage and boosts collagen production. Our arms and legs are wrapped in cling film and heated towels for five minutes or so, as Emily explains this helps the skin absorb the nutrients faster and lock in the moisture.

It’s hard to fiddle with your phone when you’re literally all wrapped up, but we don’t mind. Especially while being pampered in the comfy seats and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere – surprising for a Thursday night.


After we are unwrapped from our plastic cocoon, a rich hydrating lotion is applied. Our skin is glowing and feels so silky that we can’t stop rubbing our hands together to enjoy the smooth texture. The technicians suggest we return for the same treatment again three weeks later, to keep nourishing the skin and the often-neglected nails.

Once the milk and almond treatment is done, the two start working on cleaning, clipping and buffing our nails. The treatment finishes off with an OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes terracotta nail polish, because warm colours are so on-trend this season.

Unfortunately there isn’t a nail drying station, but with the help of a few quick dry drops, we are on our merry way with the luscious almond scent and satin feeling lingering till bedtime.


Need to know:

What: Milk and Almond signature treatment

Where: Sugar Beauty Lounge, Mall of the Emirates

Cost: AED 125 for hands and AED 140 for feet

Contact: 04 354 9001,



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