Yes, that is the chef on our plate at this quirky new dining experience

Meet the world’s tiniest chef, petit by name and nature.

Dubai’s dining scene is about to get more interesting (and weirder) as the smallest culinary expert is in town until 27th May.

But he’s no runty Ramsay or bite-sized Bourdain. Le Petit Chef is the touring dining concept that incorporates 3D projection mapping with a slap-up meal.

After a stop in Abu Dhabi last year, he’s now in residence at the World Trade Club on the 33rd floor of the Dubai World Trade Centre’s Sheikh Rashid Tower – built in 1979, making it one of the first and oldest buildings in the city.

Here the show titled Dinner Time Story officially begins.

While the full-sized chefs are busy in the kitchen, 3D animation and motion capture technology creates a virtual tiny chef designed to turn plates into projected grills.


Le Petit Chef is quite a storyteller, and he enthrals us as he vividly traces the journey of famed traveler Marco Polo, complete with projector-powered animation and accompanying music.

The food being served is based on all the little chef’s countries of stop, so our dishes represent a wide array. There’s Arabic, Indian, French and Chinese for our mains – we order duck with rice and hoisin sauce.

‘Flames’ shoot up and ingredients are hoisted on to our plates by this hard-working little chap, and we even start to feel sorry for his toils, so life-like are the animations.

The food is good as the visuals are amusing, and we thoroughly enjoy the cuisines, which in keeping up to the theme comes in elaborate presentation. Truly impressive.

Le Petit Chef Dinner Time Story will run every weekend at 7pm and 9.30pm. Price is AED 450 per person. Limited seats. To book and for more info, visit










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