This trendy Dubai salon will give you the perfect balayage

Balayage is one of the hottest hair trends that has come back into style, and we think it’s here to stay…

But what is it exactly? Balayage is a French word that means sweep – but in hairdresser lingo it translates to freehand colouring, giving the hair a very soft and natural colour.


Award-winning hairdressing brand Toni&Guy have just opened a new salon at Palm Jumeirah, and we were invited to try it out.

When going to Toni&Guy, you know you can expect exceptional service and that you won’t leave disappointed, and we got just that!

Located at Dukes Hotel on Palm Jumeirah, it is not the easiest to find as there is no clear signage to reach the hotel, nor are there any signs directing us to the salon once inside.

We’re sure we aren’t the only ones who get lost, and hopefully they will soon sort this out.

The salon is quite small and intimate with a brand new team, fresh from the UK, ready to rock Dubai’s hair scene.

We were welcomed by the receptionist who, after offering us some refreshments, introduced us to the Dale, our stylist, who we sat down with to discuss our new look.

Before and After

Before and After

After his recommendation to trim our ends off and lift the multiple layers, we meet Silvia, the colour technician. Her favourite type of colour is either very artistic or very natural, the latter of the two being the biggest challenge for any colour expert.

Since we have never had our hair coloured before, she recommends starting off with a very natural look, and enhancing our natural colour even more using the popular balayage technique. French for freehanded sweeping, this is exactly what Silvia does whilst applying the colour.

After 25 minutes of waiting for the colour to set, we are taken to the hair washing sink to rinse out the paste. At first the water is freezing cold, but only because the hotel’s engineering team turned off the hot water, which included the salon. However, the colour has to be rinsed before it lightens our hair too much, so we endure a bit of a brain freeze until the problem is solved.

Now that the colour had been applied, Dale comes back out to proceed with the cut and blow dry. He takes his time and segments our hair in to many layers, way more than we’re used to from our experience with salons in Dubai.

He understands my hair like it’s his own, and works with Silvia’s vision to bring out our hair’s natural colour and movement. After the cut, Dale styles our hair and gives us lots of aftercare hair advice on how to take care of our hair and make sure it stays in great condition.

We are very happy with the end result and will definitely be going back.

Need to know:

What: Balayage, Cut and Blow Dry

Cost: Balayage – AED 770-825 (with toner +AED 165), Cut and Blow Dry – AED 345-400

Where: Toni&Guy, Dukes Hotel, Palm Jumeirah

Contact: 04 512 9292



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