Harry Potter and the curious career progression


As Daniel Radcliffe’s next movie Jungle is set to drop, we take a look at the actor’s indie film cinematography post-Potter.

Words: Camille Hogg

It seems that life after Hogwarts hasn’t been the easiest ride for Daniel Radcliffe.

While some of his co-stars such as Emma Watson have successfully moved their careers onto bigger and better things, after ten years of playing JK Rowling’s bespectacled Boy Who Lived, it’s Radcliffe who seems to be having trouble growing up into an actor in his own right.

“When you meet kids or you meet people and you’ve been a big part of their life, you do have a certain responsibility, even if it’s only a ten-second interaction, to try to give them the best possible experience of you that they can have,” he said.

“Now, I realise how amazingly special the relationship that people have with Potter is.

“Just after we finished Harry Potter and I was doing other things, and people would mention Potter to me, there was a part of me that obviously was very proud, but there was also a part of me that was worried that that meant they didn’t care what I was doing now,” he added.


That worry has led Radcliffe to make a few out-of-the-ordinary decisions with his career – some successful, some not.

After eschewing Hollywood for the indie film circuit, the actor is definitely out to prove his diversity and choose his own route with recent roles including a flatulent corpse in Swiss Army Man, (2016), an FBI agent masquerading as a white supremacist in Imperium (2016) and poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings (2016).

It’s something he’s keen to repeat with upcoming film Jungle, released in the UAE on Thursday (7th December).

Based on a true story, the action drama follows a crew of adventurers on the journey of a lifetime in the Bolivian jungle as they search for a native village. As one – played by Radcliffe – becomes separated from the group, he faces a fight for survival in one of the world’s most inhospitable and dangerous places.


How important is box office success to him?

“My whole thing is that I’m in a position where I don’t have to do things unless I want to do them and there are not many actors that are in that situation,” he said, justifying his about-turn from Hollywood.

He’s later quoted as saying: “I think it’s fairly well-documented about me now that I like weird. Weird is good. And I like stuff that sometimes demands a little more of an audience, in terms of you needing to take a little bit of a leap into the world that we’re inhabiting as an audience member. So I suppose that’s the kind of stuff I respond to, just like the chance to do something different.”

Also starring: Alex Russell, Thomas Kretschmann and Lily Sullivan

Directed by: Greg Mclean

Rating: PG15

Running time: 120 mins


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