Upcoming movies in 2018 that you just can’t miss

Are we the only ones who feel 2018 is moving way too fast? While 2017 showcased a ton of talent on the silver screen, 2018 seems to be an insane year for film, featuring a mixed bag of genres from animated to sci-fi and horror.

Words by Aroma Kumar

Check out what we predicted would bang at the cinema in the first half of 2018 then read on for the second half of our popcorn predictions. As usual, releases and dates are subject to change.

The Meg

Release date: August 2018

The Meg

Fans of the cult classic Jaws franchise can now relive the horror with the return of the prehistoric Megalodon shark. Based on the 1997 book of the same name, the storyline follows go-to action man Jason Statham as a deep-sea diver called upon to rescue the crew of a sunken submersible heading to the bottom of the food chain and into the jaws of a 23 metre long shark.


The Nun

Release date: September 2018

The nun movie

Much like the Annabelle doll from The Conjuring series, Valak the evil nun gets her own spin-off film later this year. This time, we’ll see Vera Farmiga’s younger sister, Taissa, at the helm of the story, and judging by the film’s trailer, she will be doing a darn good job. So make sure to sleep with the lights switched on because it’s going to take more than knowing the baddy’s name to send it packing.



Release date: October 2018

Anti-superhero Venom last graced cinemas in the Spiderman 3 movie. Now his life and journey get a much deserved big screen treatment, featuring gruff English heartthrob Tom Hardy as the titular character/Eddie Brock, a journalist who comes in contact with an alien symbiote that gives him superhuman abilities, as well as a horrific alter ego.


Ralph breaks the internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Release date: November 2018

 wreck-it ralph 2

John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman are back with the much-awaited sequel to the original Wreck-It Ralph, set to release during Thanksgiving week. The story follows villain turned town hero continuing his (mis)adventures with best friend, Vanellope von Schweetz. Cameos from all of Disney’s princesses including Snow White, Jasmine, Moana, Cinderella and more ensure fans of Disney’s animated films are guaranteed a memorable watch.



Release date: December 2018


GOT’s Jason Momoa  – aka Khal Drogo – is back to steal hearts with his upcoming solo feature film. Reprising his superhero role from the Dawn of Justice and Justice League films, Momoa stars as DC Comics’ lord of the seas or Arthur Curry,  caught in a battle between the surface world and his own people as the reluctant ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

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