Movies: ‘Where’d You Go, Bernadette’ will resonate with many mums

That “creative energy – which we have as humans – it will out.”

So, says Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett, who plays the lead role in Where’d You Go, Bernadette a light comedy with a none-the-less important message to impart.

It is a message, say the filmmakers, that may resonate with some mothers in the audience who struggle with the double-edged sword of guilt – guilt because pursuing their creative dreams might feel indulgent and regret at not fully exploring their passions.

Bernadette is a recluse architect who consigned her draughting table to the attic a long time ago to focus her energy on being a mother to her daughter Bee, whom she had after suffering several miscarriages.

But it is a creative passion that cannot be quelled and, in an effort, to launch a ‘third act’ and sidestep an intervention by her well-intentioned husband, she embarks on an epic journey that takes her from suburbia to Antarctica.

As one of Hollywood’s most prolific, versatile and critically-acclaimed actresses of the modern era Blanchett can empathise with Bernadette’s yearning to express her creativity.

“I’ve been running away from being an actor my entire life!” she says in a recent NPR interview.

“It’s always like, this is the last one but it does pursue you. And I think that’s the thing, Bernadette has said, ‘No, I’ve made a promise. She was blue, and I promised whatever higher force there is that if she survives, I’m going to put all my creative energy into my child’ – which she did.

“And the problem is the child is now getting ready to leave, and she’s got all this energy, and so if she doesn’t adhere it to a project, to creating and making something new, she’s going to start feeding on herself.”

The film’s director Richard Linklater, hopes that the film will encourage people to find a creative outlet, one way or another.

“I really think we need to nurture our creative outlets, and fully. I think a lot of problems are just people not being who they are and not living the life they were meant to be living.

“It takes a lot of honesty, takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and do for yourself what you feel like you need. That’s a good start,” he said in a recent interview.

“Once Bernadette kind of put her needs out there, people help her. People actually help her on her path. People will help you if you’re being true to yourself and not a pain to anyone. The world wants to help you. If you’re on the right path the world helps you. If you’re on the wrong path, the world obstructs you. You gotta listen to that.”

Where’d you go Bernadette is due out in UAE cinemas on 29th Aug

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