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This Nepalese restaurant is worth climbing a mountain for

Everest restaurant

Nepalese food was never on our radar until we visited Everest, but now we’d climb a mountain for it!

Although Nepal might be best know for its hefty ranges (hello, the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world), its cuisine remains more of an expedition to most of us. But if you’re willing to explore Bur Dubai, there are plenty of Nepalese restaurants to choose from. Everest came most highly recommended and after dining there, we’re passing on the love.

Down a side street in Meena Bazaar, only a short walk away from the Astoria Hotel, Everest is a small eatery with a short menu doing big things.

Wipe clean table cloths and a soundtrack of Nepalese crooners set the mood for momos, and lots of them. Probably the best known dish from the home of the Himalayas, these little bundles of joy are not dissimilar to Japanese gyoza or Chinese xiao long bao. Fried or steamed, packed with vegetables or meat, served kothey (with gravy) or dry, these plump steaming dumplings are best enjoyed as a side-kick to your main course. We order too many, but at AED 13-AED 17 for eight, there’s no reason to resist.

Everest Restaurant momos

If you’re a chilli lover, sure to ask for the extra fiery dip made with dalle khursani, although we prefer a milder peanut version.

As you’d guess from the landlocked country’s location at the top of India, Nepal’s dishes have a lot in common with its neighbour. Like thali, thakali sets come in mutton, chicken and vegetable options, priced between AED 18-20. Each dish comes with a scoop of white rice, a pot of dhal, various vegetable side dishes – ours feature potatoes, spinach and cauliflower – achar pickle and golden salty ghee, which we drizzle over our rice. Also like thali, the servers relentlessly refill our side dishes and rice.

We finish our feast with Nepalese special tea (AED 2). Thicker and sweeter than karak, but not as strong, it makes up for the lack of traditional desserts on the menu.


Need to know:

What: Everest

Where: Meena Bazaar, Bur Dubai

When: 10am-midnight, daily

Cost: Four dined for AED 118

Contact: 04 355 0707

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