Where to eat sushi in the sunshine

Sushi Sushi, Garhoud, Century Village

If you haven’t lingered in Garhoud’s Century Village, you’re missing a treat.

Not just a pretty pit stop pre-gigs at the Tennis Stadium and Irish Village, it also has a clutch of al fresco restaurants in a quaint cobbled square. Whether you’re hankering for steak, sushi or pasta, it’s all here.

We choose Sushi Sushi for a quick lunchtime bite. The whole area is quiet, with a few people and the odd cat enjoying the sunshine. There’s plenty of outdoor seating and with the flowing fountain and greenery overhead, we could be far away from Dubai, though swatting flies away keeps our feet on the ground. Sit inside to see the Gulf’s first sushi conveyor belt, which is a charming claim to fame.

Service is rapid, as we’d expect when the licensed restaurant has just opened for the day and we have the staff to ourselves. Visit after dark and Century Village is often throbbing with tourists from the nearby Jumeirah hotel and overspill from the Irish Village.

Sushi Sushi, Garhoud, Century Village

Sushi Sushi has been around for nearly 20 years and so you’d expect the dishes to be slick. Sure enough, edamame beans in a spicy garlic sauce (AED 29) are a moreish run-up to the High Flyer Sushi Platter (AED 95). Its 15 pieces of sushi and sashimi include white fish, salmon and crab sashimi, sushi and maki. The restaurant’s white fish of choice in hammour, which is endangered through overfishing, so if we eat there again, we’d be sure to avoid this.

Non-sushi lovers who’ve washed up at its shores should try the Japanese restaurant’s hot bar snacks – a more international range that includes calamari rings and chicken satay (from AED 29), or its noodle soups and teppanyaki stir-fries. Veggies don’t miss out either – look out for green dots on the menu.

Sushi Sushi, Aviation Club, Century Village, Al Garhoud. 12.30pm-12.30am, daily. 04 282 9908.

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