It’s your destiny to eat at this quirky restaurant

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While we haven’t seen all of The Avengers movies, we do know they’re about a group of different people with incredible powers coming together for the good of humankind.

If you’re unsure where we’re going with this, bear with us, because our first experience of Kizmet reminded us of the silver screen superheroes.

The restaurant, outside Dubai Opera, is one of a growing number of independently operated venues here in Dubai. It’s a quirky place and offers something different for the area. The two-storey licensed restaurant has an upstairs bar and lounge, with an Art Deco look and feel to it. Downstairs is the dining room, with walls covered in funky art and a soundtrack of similarly eclectic and excellent tunes.

Staff are brilliant – a far cry for the automatons in many of the emirate’s eateries. They’re fun, interactive and happy to recommend food and drinks. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Oh, and The Avengers thing? That’s because the team is made up of people from all over the world; nationalities that all bring something unique to the restaurant. The menu has 25 dishes, including favourites from each of the team’s homelands. While many places cast their culinary nets too wide and end up with a watered down version of lots of cuisines, Kizmet manages to nail each and every plate.

Those plates are all made to share, and we recommend round five per couple to fill you nicely (and leave room for one of the delicious desserts). Prices start at AED 15 and rise to AED 145, though the average is around AED 45.

Kizmet, new restaurants, restaurant reviews

You simply must order My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry (many of the dishes have playful names that match the vibe of the restaurant), which is a bowl of battered avocado fries with a habanero mayo. They’re simple but mindblowing, and at AED 25, brilliant value. Other highlights are the Aguachile (AED 40), a refreshing bowl of raw prawns in cucumber water with coconut sorbet; octopus arancini (AED 35); and bone marrow (AED 110), which is served with tasty fried sourdough and puffed wild rice.

Kizmet, new restaurants, restaurant reviews

You can probably tell from the above that the kitchen uses interesting ingredients in innovative ways, but it never experiments at the expense of flavour. The team at Kizmet is producing fantastic food in a great venue with a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and what’s more, it’s super value, too. For us, that makes each of them real superheroes.

Kizmet, next to Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai. Call 04 338 8717 for reservations. Open 9am-1am Saturday-Wednesday; 9am-2am Thursday-Friday.

Dubai Week dined as a guest of the venue.

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