Stroll down the Silk Route at Eshak

Eshak, City Walk, restaurants in City Walk

Inspired by the rich culture of the Silk Route, Eshak is a vibrant and colourful place. 

The restaurant in City Walk brings together flavours from Uzbek, the Caucasus, Armenian, Georgian, European and Middle East, striking a great balance between re-inventing the traditional whilst staying loyal to its roots.

Surrounded by lushly landscaped space at the junction of Al Wasl and Al Safa Road, Eshak’s terrace has expansive views over Dubai’s metropolitan skyline and the iconic Burj Khalifa. Head for its comfy floral sofas if the weather allows.

Our host introduces Eshak’s concept and guides us through the menu. If you want something hearty, there are pilafs, kebabs and dumplings, tempting desserts of baklava and chak-chak (deep-fried slices of dough), as well as healthier choices. Don’t see anything you like? We’re told many of the options are customizable, which allows diners to create their bespoke dishes.

Eshak, City Walk, restaurants in City Walk

We start with tandoor bread (AED 12) and baba ghannouj (AED 29). Packed with aubergine and pomegranate seeds, the dip comes in just the right amount to ease us into the meal. The bread is fresh from the oven too.

For the mains, we go meaty, though Eshak certainly isn’t short of colourful options for veggies – there is a range of salads, soups and stews. Eshak’s steak is a Russian speciality – a grilled ribeye (pictured, AED 180) that comes with barbecue sauces  – and is more than enough for two to share. We’ve been drooling over the desserts throughout the meal, so finish with baklava (AED 32). Made in the Georgian and not the Arabic style, its crisp warm layers of dough are smushed into crushed nuts and ice-cream. Perfection (pictured).

If you like coffee (AED 15), follow your food with Eshak’s Turkish roast, served in a classic long-handled ǵezve coffee cup. Less traditional are the speciality flavours, like a frappe with lemonade and cherry syrup (also AED 15). For a refreshing drink during your meal, we recommend the lemon mint passion fruit lemonade (AED 25) – it’s almost as colourful as the huge murals on Eshak’s walls.

Eshak, City Walk 2. Opening hours noon-midnight daily. 04 385 5435.

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