Nightjar Coffee in Alserkal Avenue is full of beans

Nightjar Coffee, Alserkal Avenue

If like us, you like weekends to start with a good breakfast and coffee, we have a new go-to for you.

Nightjar Coffee is the newest eatery in Alserkal Avenue, where the creatives of the city hang out and anyone is welcome to stroll by for some inspiration.

Coffee lovers might recognise the name, as Nightjar roastery has been adding pep to some of Dubai’s speciality coffee shops for a couple of years. Now they’re in on the act, at this new roastery/restaurant.

The industrial interior is busy at weekends, with an energetic mix of the hip and the hungry, plus families and people who look like they’ve just flexed out of yoga class. You might end up sharing your bench, but trust us, that’s part of the charm.

As well as coffee, Nightjar’s concise menu brings together Dubai’s familiar flavours into something new – there are Indian frankie rolls (AED 45), Dibba Bay oyster butties (AED 45) and – everyone’s favourite – whole roast chickens revolving on a rotisserie while you salivate (from AED 55 for a quarter chicken).

Breakfast is served all day, every day, and of course, you can have your eggs with paratha, because when you’re tired of flatbread, you’re tired of Dubai.

Nightjar Coffee, Alserkal Avenue

Devon crab omelette

At weekends, the menu becomes even more interesting, with additions like a Devon crab omelette, all the way from the UK’s seaside to our plates. It’s this and a kedgeree (both AED 50) that catch our eyes – and our stomachs. Our omelette is fluffy and not weighed down by the generous amounts of crab and a punchy sprinkling of chilli oil. The kedgeree’s heap of pilaf, smoked fish and poached egg is also pitch perfect. Portions are enough, even if you have spent the morning in a downward dog, but we still browse cakes on the hefty wooden counter. A hunk of peanut butter and chocolate (AED 25) is the yin to our yang.

Don’t leave without trying the coffee. Switching up seasonally, sourced from single origin farms and roasted in-house, the bean takes up almost as much of Nightjar’s menu as food. From soft brews to nitro-fuelled, there’s something for us all. Even the coffee-free get a look in, with refreshing fruit teas that also have a smooth nitro kick (AED 25). Flavours switch up like the coffees but we’re confident we got the winner with peach.

As we leave, more bulging bags of beans are being put to use, as Nightjar continues to give Dubai its quality coffee fix.

Dubai Week dined as a guest of the venue.

Sunday and Monday 8am-6pm, 8am-9pm Tuesday to Saturday. Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz. 04 330 6635.

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