YO! Sushi’s upgraded and updated new menu


There are some new flavours doing the rounds at YO! Sushi, but do they add or subtract from the current tried-and-tasty items on the menu? 

It’s hard not to smile at YO! Sushi where colour, motion and Far East flavours meet to make food entertaining.

That’s not a bad thing if you have kids alongside you that are down to try something different and, for the most part, eat healthy.

With a range of new menu gems now joining trusted favourites on the signature kaiten conveyor belt of coloured dishes and funky flavours, there’s a good reason to pay a visit.

We dropped in on the vibrant Mall of the Emirates branch, which opens out onto the centre’s second level next to Vox Cinema, adding to the constant buzz as those dishes do the rounds – each colour representing a different price point so you can keep tabs on your spend.

Prawn Star

YO! Sushi has revised its menu design and added 11 more options to the 90-plus choice street-food entourage; vegetarian and non-veg, mainstream and more exotic.

Both the constant flotilla of plates and the open kitchen will keep adults and kids entertained.

When you’re reaching out for what looks good seek out Blossom Rolls, a fulsome combination of prawn katsu and avocado in purple shiso, topped with spicy tuna with a splash of teriyaki. Arguably best taken in one mouthful to get the full impact, though this might not be ideal for younger diners.

Mixed maki rolls are often an across-the-crowd hit, and pushing the health vote avocado nigiri works well as a filling palate refresher. Shichimi Seared Salmon drums up some taste headlines, and looks good on the food ‘catwalk’ as well.

And you should definitely make a date with the cheekily named newcomer prawn star. As tasty as it is playful, you’ve got an avocado roll in crispy panko-coated nori, topped with spicy prawn cocktail sauce; a circus of texture and flavour.


Seared Chunky Tuna

Also among the most inspired new additions is the chunky tuna, seared after being coated in glorious coriander. Texture meets taste and aesthetics for another winning plate.

Tenderstem & Sesame

Some items you have to order. Non-belt dishes we made friends with included stir fried pak choi and garlic, matching your greens with luscious flavour, and the notoriously good teriyaki beef – a melt in the mouth meat treat that again exhibits intensely moreish qualities.

Less obvious, but a cunning combination no less, tenderstem and sesame are a helping of young broccoli in creamy sesame sauce and a real keeper.

Spare a thought for YO! Sushi’s intriguing desserts, though.

Joining regular favourites such as Dorayaki Japanese pancakes with red bean filling and raspberry sauce is the new, naughty but nice Crunchy Fried Banana – coated in crispy cornflakes and crisscrossed with salted caramel sauce.

Then there’s a gooey Strawberry Mochi – a sweet rice ball centred with strawberry ganache.

It’s 22 years since YO! Sushi burst into UK diners’ lives and a big part of the now global brand’s continued appeal is an ability to innovate and put a spin on existing crowd-pleasers within an environment that’s fast, funky – and family friendly – while still serving lots of healthy goodies.

With the introduction of a parade of bright new items now is a good time to revisit or make your debut at this fun food favourite.

Plate prices range from AED 17 to AED 28.50. For the YO! Sushi menu, restaurant locations or to book a table, at www.yosushi.com or call 04 392 7015.

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