Kulture House café is the perfect weekend escape

Kulture House, Kulture

Summer in Dubai can be tough. This is why we’re always on the hunt for a new oasis to enjoy a cool eating experience. 

If that sounds like your weekend dilemma, we recommend chilling out at Kulture House Dubai in Jumeirah 1.

Kulture House is a villa converted into a café that combines an exotic florist (by homegrown company Fleurology), art gallery, and the Kulture Zouq, the retail section with original items from around the world.

Every corner has been designed to the last detail, following a wander-lust-traveller eclectic style. There’s art from all over the world, ranging from African to Indian to Japanese influences, but strongly oriented in its the Middle Eastern roots.

Kulture House, Kulture

With a few order suggestions, the cosmopolitan staff guide us to our table. Seating areas are randomly distributed, but perhaps that’s the charm of this place; its informal and intimate atmosphere.

A key element of this melting pot is the menu, an assortment of delicious Western, Mediterranean and Asian eats, all coming in at less than AED 60.

We go for burrata fig salad (AED 50), ‘smashed’ hamburger (AED 60) and avocado toast with poached eggs and beetroot hummus (AED 50). We quench our thirst with black lemonade (AED 30) and natural pressed juices (AED 35), but an assortment of coffee, teas and other soft drinks are also available.

Prices at the souq run higher than the food, but we enjoyed browsing the colourful wares before we brave the heat again.

Kulture House Dubai, 106 Jumeirah Street, Jumeirah 1. Open 9am-7pm on weekdays and 9am-9pm weekends. Free valet parking available. 056 328 8817.


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