FOOD NEWS: Björn Frantzén brings a new chapter to Enigma at Palazzo Versace

Bjorn Frantzen 


First we had a botanist, now it’s a former football player. Enigma at Palazzo Versace brings us Björn Frantzén, another world class chef.

Mystery surrounded the launch of the world’s first ever-changing restaurant in November last year. Pretty much all we knew is that Enigma’s head chef changes four times a year and each comes from San Pellegrino top 50 list of the world’s best.

But exact details were kept strictly under wraps and diners weren’t even allowed to see a menu before they dined at the Vanguard concept created by three Michelin-starred Quique Dacosta.

FrantzenNow the Spaniard is reaching the end of his three-month tenure (12th April to be exact) and Enigma is raising the curtain on its second act from a very different part of the word – The Journey of a Nordic Chef.


The restaurant will reopen on 20th April under Björn Frantzén, who holds two Michelin stars and is ranked at number 31 in the world.

A former professional footballer, the 39-year-old’s Frantzén restaurant earned its prestigious two stars just two years after opening in 2008. He’s a big fan of traditional preservation methods and his self-titled eatery in Stockholm sources 95 per cent of the produce it uses locally.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 10.46.41 AMOne of Frantzén’s signature dishes, the satio tempestas, blends 39 seasonal ingredients and he even breeds his own animals to ensure fresh meat.

Although we don’t know what it will contain, The Journey of a Nordic Chef will be an interactive experience divided into a prologue and chapters that brings Norwegian cuisine to the region for the first time.

We’ve been lightly stalking him on social media and can confirm we’d be pretty much delighted to eat everything on there – and that Bjorn is also a pretty nifty artist.

He said: “I am very excited and at the same time humbled to bring my cuisine to Dubai Frantzenand see this as an opportunity to show and introduce the flavours of the Nordic countries to Dubai’s cosmopolitan residents and travellers.

“I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with the professional team at Enigma, at the magnificent, Palazzo Versace Dubai.”

Patrick Robineau, hotel manager, added: “After the vast success of Vanguard, we wanted to welcome a chef whose vision matches that of Enigma: innovative, dynamic and memorable – exactly what Bjorn brings to the table. Together with the team, we look forward to welcoming to Enigma, Bjorn and his team.”

Diners can book for the ‘full story’ of 12 dishes or ‘half story’ of eight. Early bird prices for bookings made before 20th April are AED 650 for full and AED 450 for half. Regular prices, weekdays AED 750 and AED 550. Weekends AED 850 and AED 650.

Book through Free pick-up and drop off when booking for the full story. Diners must provide 24 hours’ notice. Monday to Saturday, 7pm-10.30pm. 04 556 880504.


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