Dubai seriously loves food – here’s 2016 on a plate

Foodies of Dubai – while you were ordering food online last year, and munching away at all the delicious dishes Dubai has to offer – Zomato has been crunching the numbers and doing all the math.

And after all the calculating and collating, here are 15 weird and interesting food-related facts from 2016…

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Did you know?

–  Dubai has over 7,900 restaurants!

From hipster cafes and molecular gastronomy experiences to dining in the dark and traditional restaurants, we’ve got it all.


–  The most popular cuisines for 2016 were Indian and Chinese

Makes sense. We can never get enough of dosas and dumplings, soy sauce and sambar, baos and biryanis (we can go on forever…)


–  Dubai has a total of 89 cuisines available

That’s a lot of cuisines, in fact – 29 more than there were in 2015. How many can you name?


–  Friday is the most popular day to order in. #GuiltFreeFridays? I think not…

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.18.17 PM


–  Dubai foodies uploaded a total of 1.3 million food pictures in 2016

That’s three times more than the previous year! #FoodIsLife


–  The most popular areas for eating out were Karama and Downtown Dubai, as opposed to JLT and Dubai Marina, which were the most popular for ordering in.

New Dubai dwellers, you need to get out more!


–    Dinner was the most ordered meal

Well if you’re having a healthy breakfast and lunch, you totally deserve a cheat meal for dinner…


–  Dubai spent an average of AED 75 on a meal

Maybe they were ordering for two? or three?


–  The least amount spent on an order was (drumroll please)… AED 0.85. And the most was AED 3,024

Yes, someone actually ordered a Karak chai online for 85 fils. We wonder if the hungry folk who spent AED 3,024 know that they could have ordered 3,557 Karak chais with that amount… (that’s a chai a day for 9 and a half years)

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.37.54 PM


–  One Zomato user ordered food online 501 times in just one year

With only 365 days in a year, and taking in to consideration holiday days and eating out, that is A LOT of online orders! Sounds like he or she really doesn’t like cooking…


–  The most ordered dish is pizza (yum!), followed by shawarmas and noodles

We completely understand. Want pizza? Click here


–  Biryani was the most sought after during the Holy month of Ramadan

Probably to cater to all of the iftars, because who has time to cook? Also, biryani = life.


–  Last but not least, these are actual ‘special instructions’ received by some restaurants:

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 4.51.24 PM

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